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No Striped Bass But Wreck s are On

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Fall Wreck Bite Continues

DSC00357 DSC00359


DSC00356late triggy

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Back to Backwater Schoolies

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Fall Ball

The full moon didn’t stop the black fish from charging on baits this weekend. Another fantastic trip!



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Coastal Low :{

DSC00284 DSC00285 DSC00286 DSC00287 DSC00294 DSC00295 DSC00296 DSC00297 DSC00298 DSC00299 DSC00304

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Toggy Days are Here Again

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Spinning into August

SavedPicture-201381913448.jpg SavedPicture-201381913434.jpg SavedPicture-201381913427.jpg SavedPicture-201381913410.jpg SavedPicture-20138191343.jpg SavedPicture-201381913352.jpg SavedPicture-201381913344.jpg

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Slow Start But There’s Hope!

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Capt Dan Schafer and Keeper Chris Weast are the New Dukes of Fluke

7/13 Back Bay Flounder report w/pics Duke Of Fluke Record

Hit the Duke of Fluke with my cousin Chris & Greg. We left the shot gun start and throttled the flatsskiff through some heavy fog making our way back north through the back bay. Armed with Gloomis Greenwaters, jigheads, a load of live spot, and our Lowrance side/down scanner. We located a line of debrees off a nice deep swing. @ the beginning of the incoming tide with water 71 degrees and the higher temps would prove to be short lived as the new moon tides would bring the cold but clear ocean water in quickly. On the second drift we get nailed by a monster that pulls the boga grip towards 14 pounds. We place the fish in the livewell and try not to think about it and concentrate on the task at hand. Pretty much an impossible as we talk about the other boats fishing out @ cape may reef, reefsite 11, the old grounds. and what time to leave to get to weigh in first. We finished out the remainder of the trip with about dozen nice striped bass and about another ten lost. Not one more flounder was seen as the water dove to 59 degrees…
We made it to the weigh and were first inline. Got the fish checked in and weighed and she reached 13.6 on the scales. We still had to wait or the other 100 plus boats… and we won.
It’s really any mans game as there are huge fish in the back bay  We came prepared and we had a decent plan to follow and we all made a good team.
Here’s BottomsweeperkeeperChris with this awesome fish.

We were so pumped to catch such a beautiful fish. A fish of a LIFETIME, and on tournament day!!!!!

Just an amazing day @ the Duke of Fluke. The food was great as was seeing so many familiar faces. George and Cathy really put on a phenominal tournament that we were so grateful to be part of.

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Father’s Fluke

6/16 Couple Fluke on The Outgoing

It was a little tough today with the southwest wind but I managed to pull a couple keepers back in Stone Harbor on the outgoing tide. I found a nice drift from 9-14 feet of water. The top of the tide started slow but after an hour we got in a grove a went 2/6 on keepers with a decent 20″ fish for Fathers day dinner.               Sundial?…..                                    Good couple hours on on the water… Happy Fathers Day

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Just In Time for Blackfish

Hermits Make Great Blackfish baits..


We had some nice clean water to fish for the weekend.


Rock Crab ready to get eaten..


9lber. I went 1/4 on Large fish this weekend.


Greg Shock off the rust quickly..and kicked off his 2013 season..



We had a steady pick of quality fish Saturday with a few nice hogs mixed in Saturday. Sunday we had to pick through some smaller fish with a few hogs mixed in…


We mowed through about 10 gallons of white crab in two trips…the pre pawn males and females are both eating to get their energy up..


We released all fish this weekend. We’ve decided to leave the Blackfish to spawn this Spring. We’ll take it out on the Fluke however…


Wrong place wrong time..


Decent rail hanger


Not quite spawning yet..


We’ll eat you later…sucks!


Surfers enjoyed the long swell Sunday…



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The 12 Blackfish of Christmas

We got treated to a flat calm and warm day yesterday on 7 mile island so Glenn and I decided to go for an afternoon meat run. Our destination was a large wreck in 50 feet of water with in 10 miles of Towsends Inlet. The ocean water temp was 51 degrees. Water quality is still stained from hurricane Sandy. It took about 2 months for the water to settle down from hurricane Irene two years ago and as we all know Sandy had a much bigger impact on the New Jersey coast. We will see how long it takes the water to clean up. It might take all winter.

2012-12-15 15.33.44

We fished for a solid three hours on a constant bite. The first half of the session produced a lot of snags and short fish as we weeded through about a 1 to 5 keeper to short ratio. We were unwilling to play the measuring stick game however, as we tossed back a good number of fish that were very close to keeper size.

2012-12-16 17.40.40

2012-12-15 16.00.45

Then just as I started wondering if we were fishing a picked over wreck and if it was time to move on, a wave of quality fish came under the boat. The wave was right on time with the mid afternoon sun.  We’ve well documented our theory that during the cold water months this time of day is when the fish actively feed. At this point we switched over from small green crab to jonah crab and the fish immediately responded. The wouldn’t touch another green crab for the rest of the afternoon. For the next hour fishing got red hot with most of our keepers coming on board and some reel nice fish for the box.

2012-12-15 16.45.572012-12-15 16.45.40


2012-12-15 16.48.48

Then like a light switch the fish turned right off as Glenn and I packed it in and cracked a cold one.  Another very solid togging session!! Thanks to Glenn for fishing and cleaning the catch! I hope to get a few more shots in as the season winds down and the holidays approach. Tight Lines and happy holidays!


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2012 Video 1 – The Ride…

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December to Remember Tog Report

We knew this would be one of the last times we get out in 2012 so we traveled heavy on this trip hoping for a freezer filler to get us through the winter months.

We broke away from 7 mile island to fantastic conditions..a slight NNE wind and long period swell. Water clarity was stained but it looks improved from the past few weeks. Sea Temp was 49. We figured with the water condition our best chance was to make Blackfish the main course for the day and save our troll/jig for bass until late afternoon to last light. So we headed to some deeper water where I was hoping the Tog would be on the feed getting ready for winter..

Things were quiet when we arrived to our first piece. The fish were not on top of the structure. So I adjusted my anchors working the wreck for a solid hour until we got into a consistent bite. The bite started with a wave of smaller 2 lb fish but it was consistent. As the sun came to its apex in mid afternoon the bite picked up and got hot as a wave of quality fish came under the boat..Soon enough we had our limits in the live well..with mostly 5 pound tog and a nice 8lber to top things off..

Little did I notice during the frenzy that we burned through almost a full bucket of crab. This was the best bite I’ve been on since late April. I was so grateful to be a part of it that I released our three healthiest fish back to the piece and kept half my limit as we cleaned up and got ready to scout for bass… I was reminded why I love togging

We spent the next couple hours around the local lumps slow bumping stretch 25s with outrodders armed with jigs in case we marked some bait or saw any explosions..it was very quiet but we were more than satisfied with the days events..so we called it and headed back in at last light..

on our way in we got treated to one more Avalon sunset as we cracked a cold one and took in the views..

Here’s to hoping we get a few more in before its time to hibernate..

Very Proud Member of Team Canyon Reels..

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Blackfish Time!!!



Finally got out front Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Saturday was sloppy out front with confused swell and NW winds. Togging in 60 feet of water was solid but far from great. Lots and lots of camoflauge colored blackfish and a few keeper seabass in the mix. Largest fish of the day was 4 pounds. All and all a good session. As I was getting set up I thought an F-14 was flying overhead as I heard one loud and long sonic BOOM come from offshore. The sound carried against the wind so who knows what the cause was but I heard it made the news. All fish were released for this session..one four pounder isn’t enough for taco’s On a side note there are still plenty of nice blueclaws around and spot as I spent a little time at the marina hanging out catching baits and some crab dip after I washed the boat.



I was expecting more of the same Sunday as I set up for some afternoon fishing. I cleared the inlet to beautiful lake like conditions which got even better once I found a good spot to hide from the wind. Sea temp was steady at 65 degrees. I set up a little shallower this time to find pack of quality blackfish. Nature was in full swing as hundreds of migratory sea birds were making there way south. Plenty of pelicans, commerants and gannets were in the air searching for an in flight meal. Another decent, not great, session was had with plenty of tog in the 3 pound range and a few fish at around five pounds. Once again all fish were released due to size. The hunt for a fall ten pound plus fish to be continued

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Backwater Cold Front Blackfish

Had my buddy Newman aboard for some togging Saturday. We made it 2 miles out of the inlet before we called it and turned back in to fish the backwaters. Waves were not huge but annoyingly stacked too tightly together to double anchor on a wreck. So we headed to some toggy backwater spots..
I double anchored over the spot the same way I would a wreck except I tied one anchor line to the bow and one the the transom so the boat would hold sideways and create a lee against the heavy current and wind. A by product of this was a hug school of rain fish that gathered by the boat for some relief from getting swept out to the inlet. Once the tide changed schools of mullet and peanut bunker we re getting hammered by gannets, cormorants and gulls as they fought the hard moving outgoing wind against tide. It was a site to see and I can’t wait to break down those go pro videos.
Fishing was excellent once we got some shells,legs and claws in the water. We had a solid hour of a frenzied jump on the hook bite using flouro rigs and one ounce weights, one ounce jigs were holding in the current but for some reason the fish hit rigs over jigs all day. Figuring out what tog want on what day is about as tough as figuring out what a woman wants. Great Job by Newman banging fish after fish! We also had blowfish in the mix all fish released.

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Summer 2012 Wraps Up

Fluke fishing was great from the docks to the reefs with our best keeper to throwback ratio in many years…looks like the regs may get tighter next season..but hopefully the fishing comes back again…

Trigger fishing was a little tougher for me this year since I’ve left some old haunts to try new spots. We found larger quality fish but in less numbers..

Weakfish made a huge comeback this summer..especially at night. A welcome sight for many NJ anglers…lets hope the stock continues to increase..

Togging was and continues to be strong when the season re-opened.. a great sign after a very hit or miss spring bite…Lets hope the fall gives us good weather and good fishing..

I hardly got out for striped bass as moving away from the shore killed my after work top-water sunset sessions…but the few chances I had I found the fish spread out across the flats and marshes.. and they still love hot chartruse!

Found lots and lots of Porgie on the pieces this year including my personal best fish…other than triggerfish and flounder these are my favorite fish to eat…Tacos Supreme!


Another year and no Cobia pics to hang…This was my most frustrating season yet with these fish…There were A LOT of them around and we had our chances this year. Spit hooks and shattered dreams…if you hear a cheer coming off the waters of 7MI next season it will be us boating our first NJ Cobia. You learn when you lose you learn when you win..just keep learning.


No Sheepshead to speak of this summer..we know they were around and we had a couple fish run us right into the junk sheepshead style..but non were boated. Whats up with that Insomniac?

All and all it was another crazy summer.. I spent less time on the water than the past few seasons but that made me cherish the moments more. Seems like yesterday we were gearing up for Fluke season…now its final week has arrived. I want to thank everyone who I got a chance to fish with this year,everyone who took the time to read my posts or blog, and most of all my great old and new friends in and around South Jersey. I’m so jacked fall is here! Not just for Blackfish and Striped Bass but for chasing down early sunsets back to port, football sunday, Crackling bon-fires, and harvest micro-brews!!

Fishing is about two things in my book..first its the challenge…there’s no other sport on earth where so many variables can make the difference between success and failure..theres always luck involved..but always be prepared for your shot at some glory! Second is friends and family; I realize more and more every year how important summer moments in South Jersey really are…and you just never know when things will change…Live every day like your last…but fish every day like its your first!

Have a great and safe fall to all my barn buds… tight and right!


Luck is where preparation meets opportunity

“Dream BIG”- John Flores

Proud Member of Team Canyon Reels

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16 hours of weekend fishing delight! Happy End of Summer!

Got out with GW on a beautiful day to do some mixed bag wreck fishing in 60
feet. Water temp was 76 from the bay to the pieces. Conditions were a little
snotty but fishable. We strapped in on top of the pilot house of the wreck we
wanted to fish and got swarmed by seabass. We weeded though a good mix of
keepers and throwbacks (about 1-5 ratio). With no other bites but seabass we
made a move about 50 yards to the lee side just off the piece..the move paid off
with a mixed bag of Scup, Triggerfish and Tautog. After we caught a few small
porgy I spoke up to GW saying “it’s a shame we don’t get big dinner plate porgie
around our wrecks anymore” 2 minutes later my spinning rod doubles over… and
after a nice fight on light tackle I crossed this off my bucket

triggerfish are getting darker as the seasons change…with warm water they
should be around the shallows for another few weeks.We saw bunker for miles
today which was another great sign that fall is coming soon!

a delicious dinner we took the whaler our stiffy light tackle ci4 combos and a
bag of zooms and ronzis out to one of our night time bass haunts…To our
suprise the bass were being outdone by a wolfpack of tiderunners chomping on
peanut bunker and mullet. We set up and immediately had my personal best day of
weakfish since I was very young in the mid 80’s. Unfortunately one of the fish
swallowed a jig and got gut-hooked. We couldn’t save him…but he made a great
tacos. All and all we boated 7 very nice weakfish along with two striped bass
and a few bluefish..Great night of fishing after a great day on the water.

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